The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Guyana due to COVID-19. 90 Territoire de Belfort | 60 Oise | 87 Haute-Vienne | Französisch Guyana ist etwa so groß wie Portugal und besteht zu 90 Prozent aus tropischem Regenwald. 37 Indre-et-Loire | 41 Loir-et-Cher | 27 Eure | French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France on the northern Atlantic coast of South America in the Guianas. Guyana La Guyana è un territorio pianeggiante lungo la fascia costiera e montuoso invece all’interno. Guyana Francese Karol Scirè 3C GUYANA La Guyana La Guyana Française est une région Française d'outre-mer située sur la cote nord-est de l'Amerique de sud.La majeure partie deson territore est couverte de foret tropicale.Les ruines du foret cèpèrou,darat du XVII siecle dominent la 89 Yonne | Francia Guyana Történelme A területet 1498-ban Kolumbusz fedezte fel, majd egy francia legénység érkezett ide a Paradicsom megtalálásának reményében. As a part of France, French Guiana is part of the European Union and the Eurozone; its currency is the euro. 12 Aveyron | Réunion, Ehemalige Regionen (aufgelöst 2015): Brasilien | 72 Sarthe | Neukaledonien | 43 Haute-Loire | : 1818年、仏 領ギアナ に渡り、王室のプランテーションの栽培を監督した。: Arianespace utilizza come sito di lancio il Centre spatial guyanais a Kourou nella Guyana francese. 971 Guadeloupe | Nach einem französischen Zensus vom 31. In der französischen Nationalversammlung und im Senat ist das Département seitdem mit zwei Mitgliedern vertreten. The region has the highest nominal GDP per capita in South America. Die beachtlichen Waffen gibt es in erschreckenden Größen. French Guiana lies between latitudes 3° and 6° N, and longitudes 51° and 55° W. It consists of two main geographical regions: a coastal strip where the majority of the people live, and dense, near-inaccessible rainforest which gradually rises to the modest peaks of the Tumuc-Humac mountains along the Brazilian frontier. 30 Gard | In most parts of French Guiana, rainfall is always heavy especially from December to July – typically over 330 millimetres or 13 inches can be expected each month during this period throughout the department. In addition, a number of other local languages exist. The bridge was officially opened on March 18, 2017. With a land area of 83,534 km2 (32,253 sq mi), French Guiana is the second-largest region of France (it is more than one-seventh the size of Metropolitan France) and the largest outermost region within the European Union. Okzitanien | The dominant religion of French Guiana is Roman Catholicism; the Maroons and some Amerindian peoples maintain their own religions. [11], More recently, French Guiana has received large numbers of Brazilian and Haitian economic migrants. [9] Bei einer weiteren Abstimmung am 24. 1. Bei den Teilen der indigenen Bevölkerung, die sich hauptsächlich von Fisch ernähren, führt dies zu Krankheitssymptomen ähnlich der Minamata-Krankheit in Japan. Se vogliamo capirne di più sulla Guyana Francese sul clima, consideriamo anche il capoluogo, che è Caienna.. Questa città è sede della Prefettura, è situata nel Nord della Guyana Francese, direttamente sulla costa atlantica. Traduzioni in contesto per "guyana francese" in italiano-tedesco da Reverso Context: Inoltre, non esiste nella Guyana francese nessuna produzione locale. Die internationalen Flughäfen sind für den kommerziellen Flugverkehr geschlossen. Nord-Pas-de-Calais | 23 Creuse | Francesi Guyana es un transmarin département e region de Francia.It es situat in li nord-ost de Sud-America al Atlántic Ocean.Francesi Guyana es parte de Francia e per to membre del Europan Union e del NATO.Li oficial lingue es francesi e li valuta es li Euro.. Francesi-Guyana have 239.648 (2012) e un area de 83.534 quadrat-kilometres. The main groups living in the interior are the Maroons who are of African descent, and Amerindians. The resulting ashes elevate soil pH (i.e., lower soil acidity), and contribute minerals and other nutrients to the soil. 78 Yvelines (ab 1968)  | Guyana amtlich Kooperative Republik Guyana[8] ([guˈjaːna], englisch Co-operative Republic of Guyana) ist ein Staat an der Atlantikküste Südamerikas. Cosa è la capitale dell'Guyana Francese? Hmmm.....We now have a Public mailbox! Mit dem angedeuteten Säg… This is due to the presence of old-growth forests (i.e., ancient/primary forests), which are biodiversity hotspots. Die durchschnittliche relative Luftfeuchtigkeit liegt zwischen 80 und 90 %. La Guyana, ufficialmente Repubblica Cooperativa di Guyana (in inglese Co-operative Republic of Guyana), è una repubblica situata in America meridionale, con superficie di 214 970 km², 697 181 abitanti.La capitale è Georgetown.Nel 2017, il 41 % della popolazione della Guyana viveva al di sotto della soglia di povertà, con meno di 5,50 dollari al giorno 69M Métropole de Lyon (ab 2015) | 45 Loiret | 53 Mayenne | Cayenne Capitale della Guyana Francese. However, since the Brazilian government is yet to complete its border posts, only passenger vehicles will be allowed through the bridge for the time being. Champagne-Ardenne | Die Landeshauptst Sie konnten daher ihre ursprüngliche Lebensweise mehr oder weniger unverändert auf dem neuen Kontinent fortführen, obwohl die neue Heimat tausende Kilometer vom Herkunftsland entfernt lag. 1946 wurde Französisch-Guayana als Überseedépartement ein integraler Bestandteil Frankreichs und erhielt so eine eingeschränkte Selbstverwaltung. Jedoch kann nach Artikel 73 der französischen Verfassung auf lokale Besonderheiten Rücksicht genommen werden. It has a very low population density, with only 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometre (9.1/sq mi). In Guyana Francese, paese posto poco a nord dell'Equatore, il clima è tropicale, caldo e umido tutto l'anno, con una stagione relativamente secca e leggermente più calda da luglio a novembre, e una stagione piovosa da dicembre a giugno. Estimates of the percentages of French Guiana ethnic composition are difficult to produce due to the presence of a large proportion of immigrants. Following the Grenelle Environment Round Table of 2007, the Grenelle Law II was proposed in 2009, under law number 2010–788. [8] A Portuguese-British naval squadron took French Guiana for the Portuguese Empire in 1809. In 1964, French president Charles de Gaulle decided to construct a space-travel base in French Guiana. However, the 1794 decree was only implemented in Saint-Domingue, Guadeloupe and Guyane: it was a dead letter in Senegal, Mauritius and Reunion. 33 Gironde | 3,3 % rechnet man dem Spiritismus zu und 2,9 % sind Agnostiker. [32], French Guiana's population of 290,691 (2020 estimate[1]), most of whom live along the coast, is substantially ethnically diverse. The city's motto is … The Hmong people are also largely Catholic owing to the influence of missionaries who helped bring them to French Guiana. The city stands on a former island at the mouth of the Cayenne River on the Atlantic coast. Cayenne (/keɪˈɛn/; French pronunciation: [kajɛn]) is the capital city of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. French Guiana has some of the poorest soils in the world. It is now possible to drive on a fully paved road from Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni on the Surinamese border to Saint-Georges de l'Oyapock on the Brazilian border. Französisch-Guayana liegt im Norden von Südamerika am Atlantischen Ozean zwischen Brasilien und Suriname bei 4° nördlicher Breite und 53° westlicher Länge. 85 Vendée | It borders Brazil to the east and south and Suriname to the west. 42 Loire | Französisch-Guayana | The addition of the adjective "French" in most languages other than French is rooted in colonial times, when five such colonies (The Guianas) had been named along the coast, subject to differing powers: namely (from west to east) Spanish Guiana (now Guayana Region and Guayana Esequiba in Venezuela), British Guiana (now Guyana), Dutch Guiana (now Suriname), French Guiana, and Portuguese Guiana (now Amapá in Brazil). In that respect, income attributable to foreign business activity (if there is no treaty in force between France and the relevant foreign country) or to a foreign PE (if a tax treaty applies) is excluded from the French tax basis. Guayana gliedert sich in zwei Arrondissements, eines um Cayenne, das andere mit der Unterpräfektur Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. Der Guyana-Dollar wird nach ISO 4217 mit GYD abgekürzt. At the mouth of this river sits the town of Kourou, which is ringed by four hills: Carapa, Pariacabo, Café and Lombard, with the Singes and Condamine mountains not far behind. Translate Guyana francesa. In Régina, etwa 70 km südlich von Cayenne, befindet sich die „Dschungelkampfschule“ (Centre d’entraînement à la forêt équatoriale, C. E. F. E.) der Fremdenlegion, in der auch Spezialeinheiten anderer Staaten (z. Since December 2015 both the region and the department have been ruled by a single assembly within the framework of a new territorial collectivity, the French Guiana Territorial Collectivity (French: collectivité territoriale de Guyane). Martinique | 13 Bouches-du-Rhône | Präfekt ist Martin Jaeger (Stand: Januar 2017). Several small islands are found off the coast, the three Salvation's Islands which include Devil's Island, and the isolated Îles du Connétable bird sanctuary further along the coast towards Brazil. Almost all of French Guiana's imports and exports pass through the port of Dégrad des Cannes. A chronic issue affecting French Guiana is the influx of illegal immigrants and clandestine gold prospectors from Brazil and Suriname. 56 Morbihan | Its management is provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of French Guyana. Il risultato è un autentico mix di razze, colori, costumi e sapori.Da non perdere il mercato della frutta e verdura (orari: merc-ven-sab 4:00-14:00, mar-giov 6:30-13:30) e quello del pesce (lun-sab. The military there is currently 1,900 strong, expected to increase enrollment in 2014–2015.[42]. Sie leben meist in Subsistenzwirtschaft von Jagd und Fischfang, andere sind als Goldwäscher oder im Tourismus tätig. Brazilians groups identical to those one meets in the Rio carnival, are also appreciated for their rhythms and their alluring costumes. Die Bürger wählen alle sechs Jahre den Conseil général (für das Département) mit 19 Mitgliedern und den Conseil régional (für die Region) mit 31 Mitgliedern. French: Région et département d'outre-mer français situé sur la côte nord de l'Amérique du Sud. There was some fighting among settlers. 973 Französisch-Guayana | Research is being actively pursued in multiple fields to determine how these enriched soils were historically created, and how this can be done in modern times. Es ist nicht zu verwechseln mit der ehemaligen französischen Kolonie Französisch-Guinea (Guinée française), der heutigen Republik Guinea. The main Asian communities are the Chinese (about 3–4%, primarily from Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province in mainland China) and Hmong from Laos (1–2%). Ora locale attuale a Guyana Francese: Domanda: Che ore sono a Guyana Francese? Francia Guyana (franciául: Guyane Française, illetve röviden csak Guyane) a Francia Köztársaság egyik tengerentúli megyéje, s mint ilyen, az Európai Unió szerves része. La Guyana diventò una nazione indipendente il 26 maggio 1966. Normandie | Mittlerweile ist auch das Raumfahrtgelände in Kourou zu einem touristischen Motor der Binnenwirtschaft geworden. There is one elected, local executive body, the Assemblée de Guyane.[37]. Zwischen einem Viertel und der Hälfte der Indigenen des Landes halten außerdem an traditionellen Religionen fest; der Zensus gibt dazu 2,2 % der Gesamtbevölkerung an.[8]. 63 Puy-de-Dôme | 65 Hautes-Pyrénées | At the 2014 census, 57.3% of the inhabitants of French Guiana were born in French Guiana, 9.3% were born in Metropolitan France, 3.0% were born in the French Caribbean departments and collectivities (Guadeloupe, Martinique), and 30.2% were born in foreign countries (primarily Suriname, Brazil and Haiti).[33]. This was operated from 1852 to 1953. Französische Beamte gehen verstärkt gegen die illegalen Goldsucher vor, indem sie diese ergreifen und nach Brasilien ausweisen. 73 Savoie | 69D Rhône | [2] Social unrest in 2017 paralyzed the economy for several weeks and led to an economic recession (−1.9% in real terms), which sunk the GDP per capita that year. 93 Seine-Saint-Denis (ab 1968) | All of these cuisines have several ingredients in common: At Easter, Guianan people eat a traditional dish called Awara broth. In questo momento si consiglia ad esempio questi luoghi interessanti da visitare in Guyana francese: Cayenne è la capitale amministrativa della Guiana francese, a Kourou si trova il centro spaziale segnalato dalla Redazione L'immaginario popolare è fortemente attratto dalle isole-prigione, forse per il fascino occulto di tante storie sentite raccontare, o per le reminiscenze letterarie suscitate da Il Conte di … 15 Cantal | French Guiana's main seaport is the port of Dégrad des Cannes, located on the estuary of the Mahury River, in the commune of Remire-Montjoly, a south-eastern suburb of Cayenne. Itt található a Guyana Űrközpont. The main Maroon groups are the Saramaca, Aucan (both of whom also live in Suriname), and Boni (Aluku). The French Guiana Assembly is in charge of regional and departmental government. Guadeloupe | In addition, in the late nineteenth century, France began requiring forced residencies by prisoners who survived their hard labour. 22 Côtes-d’Armor | Today they have been replaced by livestock raising (essentially beef cattle and pigs) in the coastal savannas between Cayenne and the second-largest town, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, and market gardening (fruits and vegetables) developed by the Hmong communities settled in French Guiana in the 1970s, both destined to the local market. Lo Stato. Zu ihren primären Aufgaben gehört die Sicherung der Grenze und des Weltraum-Bahnhofs in Kourou. 16 Charente | [25], In 2017, the GDP of French Guiana at market exchange rates was US$5.18 billion (€4.59 billion),[2] ranking as the largest economy in the Guianas, and the 11th largest in South America. Chile | Guyana Francese si trova in Sudamerica, in GMT-3 fuso orario (con il tempo corrente di: 10:49, il giovedì). Der weitaus größte Teil der Bevölkerung lebt an der Küste, wo sich die größten Städte befinden. Before European contact, the territory was originally inhabited by Native Americans, most speaking the Arawak language, of the Arawakan language family. 976 Mayotte, Nach 1962 aufgelöste Départements Als Reparation des im Orangen-Krieg unterlegenen Portugals wurde die französische Kolonie 1801 im Frieden von Badajoz durch Abtretung eines Gebiets von Portugiesisch-Brasilien an Frankreich vergrößert. 67 Bas-Rhin | Picardie | French Guiana is home to many different ecosystems: tropical rainforests, coastal mangroves, savannahs, inselbergs and many types of wetlands. Die ESA betreibt zusammen mit der französischen Raumfahrtbehörde CNES in Kourou den Weltraumbahnhof Centre Spatial Guyanais. Zum chinesischen Universismus bekennen sich 3,6 %. Falklandinseln | Mit dem Bau der Raketenbasis in Kourou im Jahre 1968 erfolgte eine Verbesserung der wirtschaftlichen Lage des Gebietes. Von August bis Dezember herrscht Trockenzeit, in den übrigen Monaten ist Regenzeit. [11], In the late 1980s, more than 10,000 Surinamese refugees, mostly Maroons, arrived in French Guiana, fleeing the Surinamese Civil War. 80 Somme | Bis 2015 bestand als weitere Gliederungsebene die der Kantone, diese wurde zum 1. 19 Corrèze | 94 Val-de-Marne (ab 1968) | Garimpeiros returned to retrieve their lost loot and colleagues. Martinique had been conquered by the British, who maintained slavery there.[5]. La Guyane est frontalière du Brésil sur 730 km et du Suriname sur 520 km [15], faisant du Brésil le pays ayant la plus grande frontière terrestre avec la France (Suriname sixième). Other mountains include Mont Machalou (782 m, 2,566 ft), Pic Coudreau (711 m, 2,333 ft), Mont St Marcel (635 m, 2,083 ft), Mont Favard (200 m, 660 ft) and Montagne du Mahury (156 m, 512 ft). Das knapp 100.000 Hektar große Sumpfgebiet von Kaw,südöstlich von Cayenne, ist ein Naturreservat und Heimat geschützter Kaiman-Arten und vieler Vögel: Silberreiher, Sokoi-Reiher, Rotstirn-Jassana, Hoatzin u.v.m. The Forest Code of French Guiana was modified by ordinance on 28 July 2005. Infanterie-Fremdenregiment (frz. The Guiana Space Centre, located a short distance along the coast from Kourou, has grown considerably since the initial launches of the Véronique rockets. 09 Ariège | Since its publication there has been controversy over its accuracy. Guianan cuisine is rich in the different cultures that mix in French Guiana, Creole restaurants rub shoulders with Chinese restaurants in large cities such as Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. Colonel François Müller, the commander of French Guiana's gendarmes, believes these operations have been successful. However, after each operation ends, Brazilian miners, garimpeiros [fr], return. The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for French Guiana is .gf, but .fr is generally used instead. [9], A border dispute with Brazil arose in the late 19th century over a vast area of jungle, resulting in the short-lived, pro-French, independent state of Counani in the disputed territory. Der Erfolg des Ariane-Programms und eine geschickte Unternehmensstrategie der Betreibergesellschaft Arianespace trugen erheblich dazu bei. [41], The commander of the French armed forces in French Guiana since July 2009 has been General Jean-Pierre Hestin. 76 Seine-Maritime | OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Allerdings lag die Wahlbeteiligung nur bei 27,44 %. Franche-Comté | Seine natürlichen Grenzen an die Länder Suriname und Brasilien bilden die Flüsse Maroni im Westen und der Fluss Oyapock im Osten. 62 Pas-de-Calais | Zum 1. Christmas Message of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana Fellow Guyanese, The First Lady and I, and our son,... 8 new Covid-19 cases recorded. Die Forstwirtschaft ist auf Grund des tropischen Regenwaldes ein wichtiger Wirtschaftszweig des Landes. Dazu gehörte auch die Teufelsinsel. The territory of the park covers some 33,900 km2 (13,090 sq mi) upon the communes of Camopi, Maripasoula, Papaïchton, Saint-Élie and Saül. The Guiana Amazonian Park, which is the largest national park in the European Union,[4] covers 41% of French Guiana's territory. The first French establishment is recorded in 1503, but France did not establish a durable presence until colonists founded Cayenne in 1643. French Guiana sends two deputies to the French National Assembly, one representing the commune (municipality) of Cayenne and the commune of Macouria, and the other representing the rest of French Guiana. Dieses Hochland weist aufgrund seiner klimatischen Isolation vom Regenwald eine endemische Tier- und Pflanzenwelt auf. Januar 2010 stimmte eine Mehrheit mit 57,58 % für eine Zusammenlegung von Departement und Region. Altre definizioni con capitale: Tiro ne era la capitale; Nuova __, la capitale indiana; La capitale di Trinidad e Tobago; La capitale sulla Senna. The Guianese Socialist Party dominated politics in French Guiana until 2010. 200 Mitarbeiter. Diese verkleideten Frauengestalten animieren die Maskenbälle, die während der Karnevalszeit jeden Samstagabend stattfinden. 2014 GF-SR Prantsuse Guajaana-Suriname Guyana Francese-Suriname. November 2020 um 21:14 Uhr bearbeitet. French Guiana has been linked to France throughout the 20th century, first as a colony, then as a remote but integral part of the country. Etwa 8 Mio. Its capital is Cayenne. Offset dal tuo fuso orario: ore. E 'posizionato su 91000 km² con una popolazione di circa 195.5 migliaia. [12][13] The region still faces such problems as illegal immigration, poorer infrastructure than mainland France, higher costs of living, higher levels of crime and more common social unrest.[14]. Aquitanien | Bei einer vom französischen Staat initiierten Volksabstimmung über mehr Autonomie des Départements vom 10. Guyana | Kolumbien | Peru | The beaches of the natural reserve of the Amana, the joint Awala-Yalimapo in the west, is an exceptional marine turtle nesting site. [10], Die Universität Französisch-Guyana bietet 31 Studiengänge an 2 Standorten an. Country number 9 of 10 on my Caribbean island hop by air.I fly into Guyana, on the northern coast of South America. Darüber hinaus hat das französische Militär gegenüber den in Mafia-artigen Strukturen arbeitenden Schmugglern und Umweltverbrechern kaum rechtliche Handhabe. The Status and Location of the Military Installations of the Member States of the European Union and Their Potential Role for the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP). 88 Vosges | Illo esseva le sol colonia britannic in le region, sub le nomine de Guiana Britannic (British Guiana).Illo deveniva independente in 1966.. Su capital es Georgetown con 275 000 habitantes. Soon afterward the book was adapted for a Hollywood film of the same name. During most of the year, rainfall across the country is heavy due to the presence of the Intertropical Convergence Zone and its powerful thunderstorm cells. Die wichtigsten Flüsse sind von West nach Ost der Maroni, der die Grenze zu Suriname bildet, der Sinnamary, der Approuague und der Oyapock, zugleich die Grenze zu Brasilien. Guyana francese The processing ... Guyana Francese en An overseas region of France, located on the northern coast of South America. Guarda gli esempi di traduzione di Guyana francese nelle frasi, ascolta la pronuncia e impara la grammatica. It is now operated by the CNES, Arianespace and the European Space Agency (ESA). The territory of Inini consisted of most of the interior of French Guiana when it was created in 1930. Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Regionen in Übersee (ROM): The micro-organisms would be much more numerous, especially in the north, which competes with the Brazilian Amazon, Borneo and Sumatra. Eine Einheit der Fremdenlegion, das 3. 11 Aude | Zudem ist die Bevölkerung mit durchschnittlich 28,6 Jahren sehr jung. 1968 bauten die Europäer in Kourou das – geografisch günstig, weil äquatornah liegende – Raketenabschussgelände Centre Spatial Guyanais, welches im Laufe der Zeit ständig erweitert wurde. Learn how to create your own. Hauts-de-France | 40 Landes | La Guyana francese rappresenta un mosaico culturale fra i coloni francesi, le comunità amerindie e di cimarroni ed il bagaglio di culture e tradizioni In Guyana francese è molto popolare l'aléké, simile a salsa e merengue; l'aléké è di origine cimarrona, come anche altri generi minori (awasa, songhé) Composé de Guyana et de francese. Coordinate. French Guiana is the only territory of the mainland Americas to have full integration in a European country. Sa capitale est Cayenne. Situation. French Guiana (/ɡiˈɑːnə/ or /ɡiˈænə/; French: Guyane [ɡɥijan]) is an overseas department and region of France on the northern Atlantic coast of South America in the Guianas. 35 Ille-et-Vilaine | Sugar and bananas were traditionally two of the main cash crops grown for export but have almost completely disappeared. Die letztgenannte Gruppe lebt zum großen Teil in Suriname, einige flohen jedoch während des dortigen Bürgerkriegs in den 1980er Jahren vor der herrschenden Militärdiktatur nach Guayana. It borders Brazil to the east and south and Suriname to the west. Capital Cayenne Population 268,700 inhabitants Area 83,534 km² Major language(s) French Major religion(s) Roman Catholicism More information French Guiana, Geography of French Guiana, History of French Guiana and Politics of French Guiana: More images French Guiana - French Guiana … [16], On March 20, 2017, French Guianese workers began going on strike and demonstrating for more resources and infrastructure. 1 Wird kulturgeographisch meist Nord- und Mittelamerika zugerechnet. "The violent reaction by the garimpeiros can be explained by the exceptional take of 617 grams of gold, about 20 percent of the quantity seized in 2009 during the battle against illegal mining", said Phillipe Duporge, the director of French Guiana's border police, at a press conference the next day.[39]. La prima cosa da vedere una volta atterrati in Guyana francese è la capitale Cayenna una cittadina dalle architetture coloniali dove si mescolano le usanze francesi a quelle amerinde. The rainforests of French Guiana provide shelter for many species during dry periods and terrestrial glaciation. Logging remains moderate due to the lack of roads, difficult climate, and difficult terrain. Siehe auch: Liste der Präsidenten des Regionalrates von Französisch-Guayana seit 1983, Es gibt ca. Es gibt schicke Kleider zu kaufen, teure französische Kosmetikmarken, ganze Geschäfte voller Macheten. La Air Guyane Express è una compagnia aerea regionale francese della Guyana francese, basata nell'aeroporto internazionale di Rochambeau, nel comune di Matoury, vicino alla capitale … 59 Nord | 21 Côte-d’Or | It is one of only three European Union territories outside Europe that is not an island (the others being the Spanish Autonomous Cities in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla). Poitou-Charentes | Bolivien | Sites of Terra preta (anthropogenic soils) have been discovered in French Guiana, particularly near the border with Brazil. Già colonia britannica, indipendente dal 1966, in base alla Costituzione del 1970 (poi emendata nel 1980, con l'introduzione del bipartitismo) la Guyana è una Repubblica cooperativistica di tipo presidenziale nell'ambito del Commonwealth, ispirata a un modello di tipo socialista.Capo dello Stato è il presidente della Repubblica, eletto ogni 5 anni a suffragio universale. Französisch-Guayana, auch Französisch-Guyana, französisch Guyane [.mw-parser-output .IPA a{text-decoration:none}gɥiˌjan], ist ein Überseedépartement (mit der Ordnungsnummer 973) und eine Region Frankreichs. Südgeorgien und die Südlichen Sandwichinseln. Le Republica Cooperative de Guyana (Co-operative Republic of Guyana) es un pais de America del Sud situate in le plateau del Guyanas. 49 Maine-et-Loire | Die Bevölkerung wächst zudem auch durch Einwanderung. Etimología. Die meisten Einwanderer kommen aus nahen Staaten wie Guyana, Suriname, Brasilien und Haiti. The groups parade in front of thousands of spectators who gather on the sidewalkss and bleacherss arranged for the occasion. Basse-Normandie | 14 Calvados |